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Babysitting Babysitting Cream game Babysitting Cream: Your job will be to babysit Cream for an entire week. Click "cartoon" on the second row to play. Game by Aval0nx and FeatheredAdventures. Cream Excel Cream Excellent Adventure game Cream Excellent Adventure: Interactive adult animation by by 4ball. My Very Own My Very Own Lith game94%.

Babysitting Cream v 86 % - Votes Here is another beta version of Babysitting Cream sex game. Stay tuned for the final version and have fun!

You are playing as Sonic the Hedgehog. Your across-the-street neighbor, Vanilla Rabbit, asks you to come over. She has a huge favor to ask you. She needs to go away for a week and can't take Cream with her. Amy is busy this week. Would you babysit Cream? She gives you the keys to the house, and money for expenses. She promises both of you/5(K).