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Mitosis is what gets us from a zygote to a full-grown adult while meiosis makes gametes or sex cell, i.e. sperm and egg. Cell Cycle: Interphase and Mitotic Phase Before we start with understanding these two processes, we need to know few soccerdatabase.info: Vikrant Shetty.

Regulation of Cell Division: Cell Cycle. The diagram to the right summarizes events leading to cell division. Many cells in an adult are not actively in the process of replicating; this is depicted in the diagram as "cells that cease division," also known as the G 0 phase or the "resting phase." The term "resting phase" is a misnomer, however.

Defining Adult Stem Cell Function at Its Simplest: The Ability to Replace Lost Cells through Mitosis. We propose to define adult tissue stem cell function operationally as the process by which a given tissue replaces its lost cells through cell division. If one looks at the above examples from this perspective, stem cell function may be Author: Yorick Post, Hans Clevers.