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Jan 12,  · Dear Bintel Brief, My single, adult daughter is about 40 pounds overweight. I really want her to lose weight — primarily for health reasons, but also for more superficial soccerdatabase.info: Amy Feldman And Robin Epstein.

My daughter is 23 years old. I noticed she had problems with overeating when she was in middle school, but her major weight gain has been during her college years and since she graduated. I would estimate she has put on 50+ pounds in recent years. I am at a loss as to how I might help her and what I should and should not say.

Sep 02,  · As a daughter who is about 20 lbs overweight I say this: They probably know you feel this way. They probably feel this way as well. Honestly, I think you need to think about their weight like you do other things in your life that aren't perfect.