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Adult erotic spanking at its best. Recently: The summer seaside: “The place for a spanking time.” Indeed! From the British risque seaside comic postcard tradition, unsigned. See Also:"She Deserves To Have Her Bottom Tanned! Spanking Blog: Adult Erotic Spanking At Its Best. A Spanking Good Time By The Sea. The summer seaside: “The place.

Erotic Spanking - How to Properly Paddle That Posterior. For those of you who were brought up in a time or household where switches, belts, and wooden spoons were a common form of punishment, it’s understandable why the idea of spanking would be a total turn off.

Sep 06,  · These are the best, sexiest erotic spanking stories that will make naughty girls want him to take you over his knee and 'punish' your inner bad girl.