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Adult star Rachel Ryan is a busty performer who underwent several name changes but consistently stayed at the center of the adult world throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s. Rachel entered the scene in under her real name Serena, which she went on to change several more times.

Aug 22,  · Rachel Ryan is one of the few adult actresses to give up on her inflated boobs, returning them to their natural state in due to health concerns. She's received some mainstream exposure due to her dalliances with Hollywood stars, including a brief affair with Michael Keaton.

Rachel Ryan (born Serena Robinson on August 22 in Shaker Heights, Ohio) is an American porn actress who appeared in over adult videos between and She had many pseudonyms, including Penny Morgan and Penny Moore. After starting out in adult entertainment under the names Serena, Ingrid Elliot, and Penny Morgan, she eventually had plastic surgery on both her face and .