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Babinski reflex is normal in children up to 2 years old. Babinski reflex disappears as the child gets older. It may disappear as early as 12 months. Babinski reflex test. The Babinski reflex test is done as part of the routine neurological exam and is utilized to determine the integrity of the cortical spinal tract.

The Babinski reflex is a normal reflex in babies that makes the big toe extend up and the smaller toes fan out when the sole of the foot is stimulated (usually stroked with a finger or blunt object such as a reflex hammer).. The Babinski reflex is also called the Babinski sign, Babinski response, Babinski phenomenon, plantar response, plantar reflex, or the big toe sign.

The plantar reflex is a reflex elicited when the sole of the foot is stimulated with a blunt instrument. The reflex can take one of two forms. In healthy adults, the plantar reflex causes a downward response of the hallux ().An upward response of the hallux is known as the Babinski response or Babinski sign, named after the neurologist Joseph