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A Spanking, Lines, and Corner Time | Domestic Discipline, Jenny style! corner time discipline for an adult

In a comment to an earlier post, someone wanted to see cornertime pictures. So I've gone through my collection to find some of my favorites. She must be headed for the corner. I do like the drop-seat pajamas - that is another one of my fantasies! He throws you over his knee and doesn't have to struggle to get jeans undone and pulled soccerdatabase.info: Karyn.

Depending on how much time we have, the seriousness of the offense and my attitude preceding it, corner time generally lasts at least 20 minutes, sometimes an hour, and occasionally longer for a more serious misbehavior. Corner time is meant as discipline, of course, and it is certainly that.

Apr 20,  · Corner time before or after a spanking can be effective at both of those times. Corner time can be used before a spanking as a means for the husband to calm down from being angry at the offense, or to give her an extra few minutes to think about what she did wrong.