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ADD or Attention-Driven Difference: The Edison Trait. Would you call this child’s thinking “deficient and disordered?” If you were evaluating little Al, you might consider him a very troubled child. A bit hard of hearing due to scarlet fever and several ear infections, Al annoyed listeners with a loud, never-ending stream of questions.

A child with the Edison trait needs to feel he's in control. He will accept help only if it does not threaten his autonomy. He is prone to feeling crowded and seeing adults as overbearing. The Edison-trait child is easily overwhelmed. For this reason, he needs clear direction, phrased in brief, concise messages.

The Edison-trait child notices and reacts to things from any and all directions, so he is likely to have a global sense of places he has been. Take this child to the shopping mall and he’ll probably be able to lead you back to your parked car. Lives on His Own Schedule.