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Jan 04,  · Another important difference between adult vs embryonic stem cells is embryonic stem cells grow easily in the laboratory, while adult stem cells are difficult to grow. This is an important difference, in that it takes large numbers of cells to create stem cell replacement Lori Allen.

Human embryonic and adult stem cells each have advantages and disadvantages regarding potential use for cell-based regenerative therapies. One major difference between adult and embryonic stem cells is their different abilities in the number and type of differentiated cell types they can become. Embryonic stem cells can become all cell types of.

May 07,  · In fact, the research on adult cell lines has surpassed embryonic. Above is the result of a search I did yesterday in the National Library of Medicine, looking at all embryonic stem cell published papers vs. the total on all adult stem cell lines. As you can see, for every one ESC paper, there were at least two ASC papers.