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The calculator permits the user to calculate adult height of a child, this is a prediction based on their parents' height, and information about the child at present including height,weight and age. how tall your kids will be? Will they be short, tall, or average? Try this calculator to get adult height of your kids. This height Calculator won't work if you're above the age of

Most children will reach an adult height within 4 inches (10 centimeters) of this estimation. The average height for each sex within a population varies significantly, with men being usually taller than women.

The earliest growth spurt, from baby to toddler, actually accounts for roughly half of your child's eventual height, so the simplest way of predicting adult height is by doubling the height a boy reaches by age 2. Girls develop more quickly, so you can double their height at 18 months to come up with an estimate of how tall they will be as adults.