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Sure, learning how to make underwear or how to make your own lingerie might sound like a weird concept, but it is actually one of the best DIY decisions you will ever make. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with buying lingerie and underwear at the store. Much like all other store-bought clothing, vanity sizing and.

Jun 05,  · Most of us addicts work on a budget, and even though we’d love to devote entire pay checks to our lingerie collections, spending that much money is not a practical decision. So how can you help cut that cost while still adding beautiful and unique Author:

Design Your Own Custom Lingerie. It may sound trivial but it can be really hard to combine attractive design with good fit when women are shopping for bras, panties, lingerie and accessories. Also fitting rooms and measuring tape are not everybody’s favorite things in life so online shops with custom lingerie are in higher demand than one.