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Why I Don’t Gamble – And Why You Shouldn’t Either. Don’ t gamble. Not in Vegas. Not in the stock market. Not in your own business. Next time the sirens sing to you, tighten up the ropes of self-restraint and wait till you sail on by. A good businessman owns a piece of the casino. He doesn’ t gamble soccerdatabase.info: Mark Morgan Ford.

Apr 20,  · And this is precisely what you lose when you play in the long run. And that’s – to come back to our initial heading – WHY YOU SHOULD NOT GAMBLE. (I also mentioned that psychologists advise not to gamble: It turns out that gambling is addictive and thus is bad for you in two ways: It ruins you financially and you can NOT get out of it.

Apr 23,  · Ok, so we all understand that gambling offers you the chance of winning money or prizes, but have you considered some of the other reasons for gambling? A look into the psychology of gambling offers insight into that question. One of the reasons for gambling is .