Medicaid & Adult Day Care: State by State Benefits & Eligibility - program rules for adult day care


Adult day care / Minnesota Department of Human Services program rules for adult day care

Adult day care or adult day services (ADS) are a major piece of the care puzzle for those older adults with physical or mental challenges who wish to remain at home and still have a high quality of life. With increased importance comes increased scrutiny, including an increasing number of requirements for both staff and facilities.

Care Choices. Adult Day Care Programs provide a structured program of therapeutic, rehabilitative, social and leisure activities in a monitored setting. The programs offer supportive services to the participant, as well as to the family, by providing care and supervision in a protective environment during the day.

For questions regarding adult day care, send an email to the Division of Quality Assurance, attention Bureau of Assisted Living. Only those adult day care programs seeking to serve one or more participants with Waiver funding are required to be certified. Please see Providers for more information on starting a .