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Max the ShiChi puppy at 14 months old (Chihuahua / Shih Tzu mix)—"At 18 months Max weighs a whopping 7 pounds, but makes up for his small size with his huge is a very gentle dog and rarely barks. His mom is a longhair Chihuahua and dad is a Shih Tzu.

My shichi Dude is a rescue dog my neighbor gave to me after finding him living with a homeless man, who accepted $50 for him. He was less than 4 1/2 lbs when he was 5 or 6 months old, and he has grown up to a young adult of 9 lbs at a year old. Took about 4 months to completely potty train to go outdoors.

ShiChi Pictures Chihuahua / Shih Tzu Mixed Breed Dogs Page 1 "This is Filbert. He is a ShiChi puppy at 8 weeks. His mother Hazel is a Shi Tzu. His father is a Chihuahua. Both adult dogs are white to almond in color. My son named Hazel and Filbert because they are little nuts! Filbert is a little shy, maybe because he is the smallest in his litter.