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In men, genital warts are not as common as in women, but they often appear on the tip of the penis but they can also appear around the anus. Most types of warts can be treated with creams such as Condyline and Aldara. If you think you have a wart, avoid any scratching (to .

Nov 21,  · Doctors Lounge - Urology Answers Back to Urology Answers List. Wart on penis, pretty sure not serious dawg - Thu Oct 15, pm: Share | I have a single wart on the side of my penis, and I'm pretty sure it's not an STD. Can I use a common wart remover to get rid of this?

Wart On Penile Shaft Darr3n. Back in , I was dating a girl that accused me of giving her genital warts. At the time, that could have very well been true. It wasn't until a couple of months later that I noticed a single wart on the shaft of my penis at about the midway mark on the underside. I went to the doctor and had it frozen off or.