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Dorsal and ventral | Whitman College ventral section of adult squid

Jun 15,  · Dorsal vs Ventral In anatomy, the directional terms are of great importance, especially in understanding the locations and positions of organs and organ systems inside the body of any animal. The most important and the main directions that are essential in understanding the anatomy of animals are anterior – posterior, left – right, and [ ]Author: Naveen.

The ventral side of the squid is lighter in color and the water jet is clearly visible from this angle. The mouth is found in the center of the arms. Pull the arms apart so that the mouth can be located. With a probe, you can feel the hard structure inside the mouth known as the beak. The beak is used to tear prey and can be very sharp (and.

Anatomical reference terms may be confusing because they are different for pigs that walk on four legs vs. upright, bipedal humans. Toward the back (not rear): for the pig, dorsal is used; for humans, posterior may also be used. Toward the front/belly: for the pig, ventral is used; for .