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57 rows · Asia-Pacific or Asia Pacific (abbreviated as APAC, Asia-Pac, AsPac, APJ, JAPA or JAPAC) is the part of the world in or near the Western Pacific Ocean. The Asia-Pacific varies in area depending on which context, but it typically includes much of East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

APAC is an industry-driven initiative led by R&D-based pharmaceutical associations from Asian economies, aiming to fulfill its mission. Our Mission To expedite .

Aug 28,  · APAC stands for Asia-Pacific (A-sia PAC-ific). This region is also known as Asia-Pac, or AsPac. The term grew in popularity in the s when it was being used to discuss commerce, politics and finance. Additionally, APAC is also known (and less commonly referred to) as the APJ region, which also stands for the Asia Pacific Japan region.