How to Breastfeed with Flat Nipples: 11 Tips - breast feeding with flat nipples


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In general, flat nipples do not usually interfere with breastfeeding. Most newborns can latch on to flat nipples without much of a problem. And, as long as your baby can latch on to your breast properly, he or she will be able to draw your nipples out. Here are 6 tips to keep in mind if you're breastfeeding with flat nipples.

Sep 13,  · Breastfeeding with flat nipples is possible with a little extra planning. It may be that flat nipples turn out with pregnancy, but if not, you can still try several techniques to help your baby Author: Adrienne Santos-Longhurst.

Apr 10,  · Can you breastfeed with inverted nipples or flat nipples? Yes, because breastfeeding relies on a baby having a big mouthful of breast to stimulate the milk glands behind the nipple rather than simply being a matter of hanging on to a nipple. However, while many babies find breastfeeding with inverted nipples or flat nipples quite.