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Topless Sledding Competition in Germany - The Naked Sledding World Championship - Thrillist naked german toboggan race

The second annual Naked Sled Race was held in Braunlage, Germany and attracted a crowd of over 14, people German Company Uses Super-Strong Glue to .

Feb 17,  · The best topless European sledding competition you'll see all week If you want to see real-life race action (and real-life naked people without those annoying black censor bars plastered Author: Chloe Pantazi.

Average high is This race will take place even if there is snow on the trails (unless there are unusual circumstances and the snow is too deep to run) Timing: Old fashion tear-off bib timing. Keep your bib visible on font at all times. You have to finish the distance you signed up for, you can not drop to a shorter distance during the race.