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How To Conceive A Boy #6: The Babydust Method. The Babydust Method is a more recent book on the market. Couples wanting to know how to conceive a boy need to read this book! The Babydust Method, written by Kathryn Taylor, claims to be based on the latest, scientific research, and .

Oct 01,  · Have you been trying to have a baby boy without success? If so, this article will give you some effective tips on how to conceive a boy. There is no one method that can guarantee a hundred percent success rate, but some have proven to be quite effective in increasing one’s chances of giving birth to a male soccerdatabase.info: Ana Jasko.

Rumor has it Baby gender calculators can help you choose the future baby's gender. Is there science to this? Conceiving a boy or a girl (that is: choosing the gender of your baby and specifically conceiving a girl or a boy) may seem like a simple task, but it isn’soccerdatabase.info: Arturo Malave.