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Henna Gold Color Enhancing Shampoo for Redheads, ShiKai, 12 oz. This results in a brilliant shine that reflects the many colors already in your hair and adds a hint of red. The red in red hair will be intensified and light brown and brunette hair will take on a lively, warm glow. This color effect will become more pronounced with continued use.

Henna Gold Highlighting Shampoo. The secret is non-coloring neutral henna, well known for its extraordinary ability to reflect light, like cellophane, and reveal hair's many colors and natural shine without the damaging effects of artificial coloring agents. In this formula we use high quality henna which will not change the color.

Henna Gold Color Enhancing Shampoo, Redhead Formula will add red & auburn tones to your hair and bring out more shine. Here's how it works: Neutral and red henna extracts deposit a minute but a highly reflective, cellophane-like coating which is tinted red onto each shaft of hair.