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Aug 03,  · Thumb-sucking or sucking on a pacifier often helps babies calm themselves and then fall asleep more easily. However, if children are allowed to suck on pacifiers or on their thumbs or fingers after their teeth have begun developing, major problems can arise. Aggressively or even not aggressively, sucking on thumbs can ruin the alignment of.

The Effects of Thumb-Sucking in Children. Babies suck their thumbs even in the womb, and once born, nearly all babies suck on either a pacifier, fingers, or a thumb to some extent to comfort themselves. Some parents worry about this because they have heard that thumb-sucking will ruin their baby’s teeth. Many pediatricians, however, tell.

According to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation for Health Care, Research and Education, thumb sucking is normal and soothing in babies and young children. Thumb sucking can be the result of hunger, boredom, nervousness or tiredness. Most children stop sucking their .