TOP 15 CAUSES OF DEATH MINNESOTA - causes of teen deaths in minesota


CDC teen deaths report: Top causes of death in America youth causes of teen deaths in minesota

Use these powerful cause of death maps to compare the top 15 causes of death in Minnesota down to the county level. Note the changes as you click on cause buttons and mouse over maps for data. The legend is directly above the maps. Use the navigation on the left to access charts to drill down further and organize your research.

Chart ranks total deaths for the top 50 causes by age and gender for Minnesota. Rank is determined by official CDC final death total and certain causes such as types of heart disease and cancer are split out for age adjusted death rate rankings to give you an expanded view of what actually takes place.

The remaining percentage of teen deaths includes "other causes" that do not fit the predefined categories of accident, homicide, suicide and illness. Some of these causes include pregnancy and childbirth, diabetes, influenza, pneumonia and chronic lower respiratory disease, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health.