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Why is water colder at the bottom of a lake rather than the surface? | Yahoo Answers is the bottom of the water warmer then the top

Mar 30,  · Slower water, like that at the top, is always warmer because it has a chance to absorb and hold heat/sunlight. Water at the bottom would be colder, or at least cooler, since it has been aerated during the fall and crash to the bottom as well as the fact that it's been moving faster as it soccerdatabase.infoers: 2.

Warm water is less dense than cold water so if floats on top. As water cools it sinks to lower levels until it reaches the bottom. In winter which part of the water is warmer the top or bottom?

May 01,  · Water is slightly warmer at the bottom of a waterfall than at the top because the gravitational potential energy is converted first to kinetic energy of the falling water, and finally to heat energy as it comes to rest at the bottom.4/5.