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Perfume smells like vintage pampers. perfume smells like vintage pampers

Perfume smells like vintage pampers. These classic and modern perfume picks are all on the hot and heavy side, containing a whole lot of animalic, indolent, and musky notes. It kind of smells like B.O.” It sounds a little weird.

Nov 24,  · I think I found something very close to most of the elements of Pampers vintage scent. It is a perfume called Ombre Rose Cologne. this is very close. the EDT and the EDP versions are too strong in other elements, but the Cologne is really a nice balance of .

Jan 02,  · I've got a box of the Ultra Pampers Plus first Gen XLR that I recently opened just to smell. I had to really stick my nose in the diaper and breath deep but it's still there. Enough that it briefly took me back to the diaper isles of the 80's. That Pampers section with those massive boxes of diapers was the best. I too want that smell back.