23 Things Everyone With A Penis Needs To Know - fun things to do dick


What to Do With a Boner Other Than Sex fun things to do dick

“Fold your balls over your dick and make this weird thingy.” “Come up with new and fun ways to simulate the touch of a female because you’ve never experienced love before and you’re fucking close to ending your life do someone please help.” “Play jousting with your friends.”

Mar 31,  · 11 Things Guys Secretly Do with Their Penises. We basically treat it like a Bop-It. By Cosmo Frank. Mar 31, A man having a penis is like if you grafted a Author: Cosmo Frank.

May 12,  · There’s a lot more to your member than meets the eye. Apart from its pretty damn impressive ability to make other penis-toting little men, here are Author: Markham Heid.